About Surefine

Established in 2008, Surefine has been focusing on ECO solutions and renewable products import and export business. Our professional and aspiring team has made a number of milestones in ECO business.

We are committed to providing advanced led street lights, all in one solar led street lights, led panel lights and round slim led downlights for our customers. As the most qualified Chinese partner in led panel lights and all in one solar street lights, Surefine continues to serve many customers from 58 countries, especially from Latin America and Africa. Assisting by educating our clients and averting potential troubles through our experience we can help in many facets.

You can reached by email, telephone, and fax. We are bilingual, easily accessible and readily available. Always glad to help you in your endeavors.

So far, Surefine focus on led street lights (Solar or non-solar), and led panel lights (square or round), all these lights are certified by CE, RoHS, and some lights are pass TUV CE certificates, SAA certificates, etc.

Become A Distributor

We always need those who have the dream and ambition to join our worldwide sales and service network, and introduce the innovative lighting technology to your local market, create values for local customers, position yourself to be successful, profitable, and competitive.
You will get following benefits and support:
1) Extensive quality LED product line in this industry.
2) Favorable pricing and payment terms.
3) Numerable sales-based commission.
4) Co-investment on local media adverts or exhibition.
5) List your company in our sales and service network.
6) Refer local customers to purchase from you.
7) Custom packaging service.
8) Free samples, catalogs and other promotional materials for newly introduced products.
9) Instant technical support and pricing update, online learning course.
If you are interested in becoming ours distributor, please send us an email: eco@surefinegroup.com