It is the two-component polyurethane systems for the manufacture of flexible foam seals which are foamed directly onto the part by using FIPFG (formed-in-place foam gasket) technology. The systems consist of a resin (A-component) and a hardener (B-component) which are mixed together at a prescribed ratio. This produces a flexible sealing foam within a few minutes.


General Introduction of PU Dispensing System (Advantage)

  1. SF-303 Processing speed can be up to 6 m to 30 m/min. Equipment runs efficiently, accurately and stably.
  2. Mixing chamber, it is the only machine which  can get the width scope 5 mm to 30 mm of the gumming tape in domestic, It has several purposes and can meet your requirement for different products. It has a wide application range: electrical cabinets, all kinds of sealed explosion-proof cabinet, sealed electronics industry and automobile industry, sealed environmental purification equipment, sealed refrigeration equipment, sealed three lamps and lanterns, all kinds of sealed doors and windows and so on.
  3. The intelligent control system of gumming can be processed in 2D plane, 3D irregular surface, all kinds of groove tracks. Flat rectangle needs not drawing, just import the size of the processing and it can be automatic processed, this system is equipped with internal storage, it can save the size of the processed products and is convenient for next operation.
  4. Intelligent temperature control system, the storage mechanism with automatic temperature control device (without install air-condition).
  5. Route range X2250MM, Y1250MM Z200MM, has a big processing range, and it has a workbench (including two tool drawers), which can ensure that the loading is convenient.
  6. Intelligent water cleaning, SF-303 gumming system with scientific and precise design, which use tap water to clean and it is low cost and environment-protection.
  7. SF-303 has scientific design and precise structure, support domestic raw materials (General 25-45 Yuan/kg, 7.5mm high and 15mm wide, cost is 0.5Yuan /m) and imported raw materials (60-100 Yuan/kg, 7.5mm high and 15mm wide, cost is 1.6-2.6 Yuan /m), make your selection wider and it is easier to save costs.
  8. The strip of traditional equipment processing is easy to fall off, low efficiency, irregular, processing size is not accurate, can not use high density raw materials from foreign and not sealed waterproof. Using dichloromethane to clean, which has high cost, severe pollution and is poisonous to human body, protection grade can not meet the national standard. SF-303 gumming has the advantages of in equipment scene, gumming pouring shape, has wide processing range, runs quickly, processes precisely, no juncture, strong adhesive force, low environmental cost by using the water to clean,  the protection grade could reach IP67 rate, make your product quality higher and the cost is lower. Jiaxing Surefine will provide you with the most reliable service, the most excellent quality, and the best quality equipment. All are welcome.